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Discover the architectural heritage of the Auteuil area

The Auteuil neighborhood kept some village characteristics while integrating perfectly to the city. Old beautiful hotels still sit in the rue d’Auteuil, originally the main street of the village. This area keeps its residential characteristic.

Already in the XVIII’s century, rich nobles had country houses built here, attracted by both the beauty of the place and the location ; right between Paris and Versailles…

The area is rich from its historical past and monuments. The 16th borough was in the first half of the XXs century a site of architectural experiences because of the emergence of a rich bourgeoisie wanting to be vanguard. It was notably a district especially elected by Hector Guimard for is work.

The Auteuil area and more largely the 16th district have a true catalogue of the interwar years architecture, especially the Art Déco style. But not only; various major creations from the modern movement (Pol Abraham) are also present in the area.

The George Sand street, named after a talented writer.

Daughter of an officer killed accidentally in 1808 and descendant of Maurice de Saxe, Armandine Lucile Aurore Dupin spent a free youth in the castle of Nohant which she will later describe in her poetry. She was raised by her paternal grandmother before she was sent to a Parisian convent between 1818 and 1820. In 1830, married and mother of two children, she comes to live in Paris were she starts an eventful life.

We know about her relationship with Alfred de Musset, then Liszt and Chopin. Her Romanesque work, goes through three movements: the sentimental romanticism, the humanitarian socialism and the rural calling.

George Sand is also the writer of novels, theatre plays, literature critics, pamphlets and a voluminous correspondence.

Her all life, this generous writer extoled true love and personified the excesses of the romantic heart. For her, Flaubert wrote “a simple heart”, but she died before it was finished.

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HotelHome Paris 16 is in the heart of an elegant, calm residential area. The store keepers contribute highly to the quality of life of this Parisian neighborhood.

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