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Thomas, who, from time to time is there to greet you at HotelHome Paris 16, ensuring the quality of your stay, is also a "character" who strolls around Paris to bring you unedited views of our beautiful capital! Go wander around his site: to visit Paris with him!

After having worked a substantial amount of time in hotels and in communication, he chose to walk around and to share his view of the places and people that surround him. Through the art of his photography, he establishes an unedited vision of the perspectives and details that make it so that each place and living being is constantly different, in continual evolution, and in the midst of fitting into an excessively volatile, mobile, and changing environment.

Passionate about architecture and automobiles, Thomas currently succeeds to unit these two subjects, and certain of his photos reveal astonishing alliances between the two.

Thomas de Saulieu is also very attracted to vegetal spaces, parks, and deserts!

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  • Quand_les_voitures_dessinent_des_voitures__.jpg