A village life

Even today, the Auteuil district has remained a “village within the city”. Rue d’Auteuil retains a provincial aspect, with some beautiful hotels that have made it famous …

The district has retained its very residential character, a tradition that dates back to the 18th century, when the capital’s nobles and rich bourgeois began to build country houses in the villages of Chaillot, Passy and Auteuil, attracted by beauty. of the site and its location between Paris and Versailles …


A quiet and shopping area

HotelHome Paris 16 is located in the heart of an elegant, quiet and residential area. Traders greatly contribute to the quality of life in this Parisian district.


An Art Deco district

The Auteuil district has a rich historical and monumental past. The 16th arrondissement was, in the first half of the 20th century, a ground for architectural experiments thanks to the emergence of a wealthy bourgeoisie who wanted to be avant-garde. It is notably the neighborhood of choice for the works of Hector Guimard.

The Auteuil district and more broadly the 16th arrondissement constitute in fact a real catalog of the architecture of the interwar period, in particular of the Art Deco style, but also served as a stage for some major achievements of the Modern Movement (Pol Abraham).


A stone's throw from Parisian tourist hotspots ...

HotelHome Paris 16 is close to the Eiffel Tower, Roland Garros, the Auteuil and Passy districts and the Bois de Boulogne.

The Champs Élysées as well as all the high places of tourism and culture of Paris are easily accessible by metro (Jasmin – line 9 or Michel-Ange / Auteuil and Michel-Ange / Molitor – line 10), RER (Boulainvilliers – line C) or bus (lines 22 and 52).

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